Week 1 of Periwinkle time



Flowers from the garden on the kitchen table.


Monday Oct 21 –  Gyne outpatient clinic.  Alan at home writing and learning Turkish.  Periwinkle garden was strimmed to the equivalent of a ‘number 1’ haircut.  I rescued some strewn statice and scented geranium to put in a jug on the kitchen table.  We have to admit the garden looks a lot smarter now.

Tuesday Oct 22 – Assisting surgeon in theatre with general cases. Very sick patient with pancreatitis and complications now being ventilated.  Later on: first baby delivered during my ‘watch’ – a tiny little girl born by Caesarian Section.  Mum and baby doing well. 

Wed Oct 23 – Ventilated patient still very sick, surgery may be required so I postponed all my outpatient consultations.  Thankfully, he stabilised enough that surgery was not necessary.  In the evening, Alasdair, our new friend from Wellington House, came for dinner.  We ate beetroot soup, lasagne and salad, peach and syrup sponge pudding and tinned cream. Yum – and there was enough for Alan and I for the following day.

Thursday Oct 24 – Antenatal clinic.  Admin meetings in the afternoon. 

Friday Oct 25 – Gyne clinic.  We joined Alasdair for dinner back at Wellington House where we met George from Norway.  George is a journalist who entered a travel competition and won his trip to St Helena.  We discovered that earlier in the year he had also been in Kacanik, coming over the border by bus from Skopje just for the day.  His daughter, who accompanied him, is a Stirling University student.  The world seems smaller and smaller.

Saturday Oct 26 – a visit to hospital in the morning to see Mum and baby, followed by some shopping.  Then back home sewing, reading and gardening.  In the evening, we baby-sat for Jack while Lauren and Lewis went to ‘The Last Night of the Proms’ at Plantation House where they sang with Teeny’s group (see below).  They kindly let us borrow a DVD set of a French detective series called ‘Spiral’ to watch at home and The Rough Guide to South Africa, so we can start planning our week’s holiday at the end of January.

Sunday Oct 27 – relaxing day at home.  Church in the evening.  Visited hospital first to check baby; she is continuing to do well.  After church we returned to the hospital transporting an adult ventilator there that we’d collected from the Senior Medical Officer’s house.  Very sick patient showing definite signs of improvement.




The view to the north-west, aka the road to work

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  1. geoffreybaines says:

    Some better news. We like the picture.

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