‘Sure’ – or not so sure!

At home with working internet.  Happy days!

At home with working internet. Happy days!

Friday 18 October

Alan stayed up at Periwinkle all day on Friday while I wended my way to work up and down and round about, tucking into passing places, always remembering to give ascending traffic the right of way (a strictly adhered to rule here).  After the ward round and clinic, I drove down into Jamestown centre to buy further provisions, looking in particular for ground coffee and a cafetiere for Alan and finding neither.  Before heading to The Star, one of the island’s main ‘mini-markets’, I called in at the Sure office.  Sure is the company now providing internet, having taken over from Cable and Wireless.  Alan had ordered the internet the day before.  We’ve opted for the most expensive option which, for 5.5 Gb per month, costs us £97.20 per calendar month

Back to the Sure office..  The girls working there said they were not sure that the internet would be installed that day.  If this were to be the case, we would be waiting over the weekend, completely cut off up on the clifftops.  I begged them to check, so a phone call was made and, phew, the answer was positive.  I was told that the Sure messenger was on his way from the technical offices up by the satellite dish at The Briars.  We agreed I would call in after shopping.  This I duly did, but there were other customers ahead of me – the Bishop and his wife who were having internet connection problems.  The assistant dealing with them saw me come in and quickly passed me an A4 envelope with a big smile.  This seemed to be all I was to receive; I headed off for home.  As I began the drive up the Jamestown valley side to Ladder Hill, I suddenly remembered that Alan had said we needed a cable.  I stopped and quickly felt the envelope – no cable there.  I was on a narrow road with nowhere to turn, though nothing was coming in either direction and I risked backing down the hundred metres or so to be able to turn back down the road to the Sure office.  The Bishop and his wife were still there.   A few moments later, they left and I explained to the assistant that we needed a cable.  “Ah yes”, she replied, “the messenger came in with the box but didn’t leave it here.”  She went on to offer that it would be delivered to Periwinkle.  I was dubious that this would actually happen on the same day but could not see any alternative.  A girl popped round the office door behind the counter with a shoe box sized package.  I looked hopeful.  “No, sorry, that’s not for you” said the assistant.  Thankfully she checked and, yes, it was labelled with my name.  What a palaver!

The carry on continued back at Periwinkle as hooking up was not successful and technical support had to be contacted.  Sure had still not switched us on!  So much for being ‘sure’!!  We were waiting for technical support to get back to us when the familiar noise of a Skype message resonated around the room.  Yes!  We were back in the e-world again!  The message was from Ellie, posted on 8 Oct asking if we had arrived yet (nope – still 2 days from land then).  The rest of the afternoon was spent in communication again with the UK and Kosovo.  It was great to be able to talk to Mum and Dad, Tim and family, Ellie, Alan’s Mum, as well as Kadrije and Nazmi too.  Lois is away, even more isolated than us, on the west coast of Scotland.  Before the end of the next day, we had already used a quarter of our monthly allowance.  Just as well there were only twelve days to go until allocating the next portion.  We finished our first full day in Periwinkle watching The Bourne Identity – a bit of escapism – then slept well.

It's worth a close-up of the corgis on the settee under the window!

It’s worth a close-up of the corgis on the settee under the window!

Friday Oct 18.  The RMS St Helena passes by the bottom of "our" valley on the way back to Cape Town.

Friday Oct 18. The RMS St Helena passes by the bottom of “our” valley on the way back to Cape Town.

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One Response to ‘Sure’ – or not so sure!

  1. Boy, you’ll have to use the internet around the clock. UnSure, I guess you’re calling the company.

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