A return visit – accompanied this time :-)

Mary CT waterfront

Alan at the V&A Waterfront standing in front of the Pavilion Clock Tower.

Alan at the V&A Waterfront standing in front of the Pavilion Clock Tower.

Late postings as we have been without internet access since Cape Town.  Photos to follow.. I hope to keep up with the discipline of blog writing during the three months we are here.  Perhaps the routine will continue once we get back to Kosovo in February..  We’ll see.

Friday 4 Oct 2013

Two years and two months on, well into the ‘beyond’ – and on my back to St Helena.  Lovely that Alan is sharing the journey this time.  Apart from this very significant and most welcome difference, the experience to date (Friday 11th) has been so different and rather challenging.  After a cramped, poor quality BA flight, we arrived to a much cooler Cape Town spring than that of my 2011 winter visit.  The Portswood Hotel had a room ready for us even though it was still early morning.  The reception and concierge staff were welcoming and cheerful helping to offset our weariness, which was further lifted by showers, a walk to the V&A waterfront very close by, lunch and a long nap.  I had anticipated us getting on the tour bus that heads up Tabletop Mountain to the base of the cable car ascent.  The cable car climb had been postponed last time in the hope that Alan and I could accomplish this ‘something-to-do-before-I-die’ task together; now it had to be put off again as the top of the mountain was nestled under a plump white cloud duvet.  Hopefully, in January…

We discovered a cinema complex in the middle of the Waterfront ‘mall’ and headed off to see ‘The way way back’ after researching that this had the best reviews of the four films on offer.  Armed with popcorn and a drink we pushed open the doors of the cinema.  It was totally empty!  This was strange as we thought we were ten minutes after the scheduled screening time.  Finally, after questioning a member of staff and not understanding her brief response, it clicked: we had missed the time change.  That was the longest wait we’ve ever sat through to see a film, but people- watching in the foyer helped pass the time, and the film was a very watchable and poignant coming of age story.  Dinner back at the hotel was only memorable for Alan’s chewy ostrich and my rather nondescript sausage and lamb curry (lots of meat, very little sauce) washed down by a very acceptable South African sauvignon blanc.

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