Another vet in the family

On Tuesday afternoon Ellie graduated as a vet.  All the family were in the McEwan Hall, scattered around depending on ‘status’ – Dad in his gown joined the academic vets on the platform, Mum in the seats reserved for those accompanying the platform party, Ellie with her classmates in the ‘stalls’ and the rest of us (Alan, Tim and AnnaLauren, Lois and me) up in the first floor gallery.  It was the fourth time for Alan and I to witness the graduation of one of our ‘offspring’.  Dad and Mum have attended all of these too – as well as many, many other vet and medic graduations over the years.  After a break of a couple of years, they came out of ‘retirement’ to attend Ellie’s graduation – a poignant moment indeed as she follows Grampy’s footsteps.

Proud parents 🙂

Sunflowers and three generations on show!



Ellie is off to Dubai at the end of the month to spend six weeks caretaking a veterinary practice/rescue centre while the single handed vet takes annual leave.
Following the graduation, Alan and I joined Ellie, Jamie, her vet friends and families at the graduation ball.  It was a fun time, but tinged with a poignant sense of closing a happy chapter of life for Ellie and co.  As for me, my thoughts were rather distracted by all I still had to do to get ready for setting out the following day on the week long journey to St Helena.
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