First steps

Testing, testing 1,2,3

Sunny Sunday morning in Edinburgh.  Lying in bed and, finally, getting round to initiating a blog.

Three days to go before setting off on an adventure that I still can’t believe is ‘real’.  Thanks to Alan, being in Kosovo at the right time and, unexpectedly, without work (paid, that is) I’ve got the opportunity to spend a month on the island of St Helena as ‘Visiting Gynaecologist’.

The last four weeks have been spent in Northallerton and Middlesbrough freshening up practical skills and updating on new developments in the world of women’s health.  As ‘honorary consultant’, I could pick and choose to an extent.  My colleagues, as usual, were extremely helpful in providing good opportunities for me – as were the patients too 🙂 – and more than a couple of the doctors and midwives have expressed an interest in being next in line to go to St Helena.

Well – enough for the first entry as I have to go and prepare for a big family gathering later today.

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One Response to First steps

  1. Doreen says:

    I shall be thinking of you during all of your journeys Mary and look forward to your news and views. xx D

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